Outdoor Sex

Is It Safe?

Outdoor sex is about the thrill and the intimacy. My partner and I used to live in a rural area with very few options for recreation. And for some reason the sex scene was limited to the local park. My husband and I would hike into the woods or climb a mountain, sometimes just to get to the seclusion we needed.

Back then, outdoor sex was all about the intimacy and the adventure. Home was filled with dusty unwashed dishes and dirty laundry. While your own backyard was filled with sturdy pine trees and brilliant sunlight to hold on to.

Now I know that it’s much easier to be caught by my husband during one of those lazy Saturday mornings. Than it is to sneak out of his house and into his private place (or lack thereof!).

I also know that when I’m with him, he makes a point of ensuring that I’m completely comfortable with him before we venture out into the great outdoors. Most guys aren’t exactly discreet when it comes to their intentions. And I know that outdoor sex can be especially exciting, especially when it comest to best anal porn. When you’re able to get caught rather than when you just want to go alone.

Julia Parks’ outdoor guide talks about personal safety and suggests that people don’t go it alone when trying to engage in outdoor sex. She also stresses the importance of being safe, and of being comfortable before engaging in outdoor activities. If you’re worried about personal safety. You might want to consider going camping with a couple friends and discussing the logistics of going it alone and unprotected. While it would be easy to suggest that the whole experience is thrilling. And you definitely won’t mind if your husband joins in, it would be best to keep your own feelings in check and just have fun.